Not my words. That’s from The Telegraph’s review of Before I Go To Sleep, the new film starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. They walked the carpet together last night to promote it in London. The Telegraph’s film critic gave the movie only 2 stars and, at the end, made the following comment:

“Blunt-force trauma, memory loss, and those Grace of Monaco reviews? Talk about an annus horribilis for Nicole.”

The Guardian and The Independent weren’t much kinder. And the disappointment comes from the fact that Kidman is, undoubtedly, one of our finest actors. Lately it would seem like she’s picking, or getting, parts in projects that simply don’t deserve her. She does have five projects in post and pre-production though. And one of those should land, non? One of those actually includes another feature with Colin Firth. That would make it the third time these two have worked together in three years. Third time’s the charm? To be fair, even on pictures that don’t involve her, his record has been spotty too since The King’s Speech. Main Street? Gambit? Come on.

Love the dress. Hate the shoes.