It's what we do with celebrities, right? We matchmake, friends and lovers. At least some of us do.

So it seems obvious to me that Faith Hill and Nicole Kidman would be friends.They're around the same age, Faith is country royalty, Nicole is Hollywood royalty, they're artists, they could talk about their kids, go to yoga together, get some Botox together, then hit up spin class, record a duet. they? If not, can they?

Here's Nicole at the CMAs with Keith Urban last night. She wore a boho Cavalli. Cavalli? Yeah. Cavalli. My question is do you think she would wear Cavalli to the Golden Globes or the Oscars? Look. It's country. The music, great. The fashion? Come on now. When Carrie Underwood is trotting out one prom dress after the other, it would almost be insulting to a Givenchy to have to be seen near it.

For Faith it was the hair that was the highlight. Short now and tucked behind the ears. I like it very much.