These two are begging for an eyeroll. So let’s give them one.

Granny Freeze and her husband attended the CMAs last night. As you can see, they could not contain their love for each other, resulting in an embrace in their seats, so moving and profound, that she had to CLOSE HER EYES her eyes to fully savour the moment.

And a photographer happened to be around.

Are you for real?

Well, actually, apparently yes. To those of you inquiring as to the state of their relationship – I’m told it’s very, very strong between Gran and Keith right now, perhaps as strong as it’s ever been. She has been extremely supportive of the new album, accompanying him to small promotional events, singing along to each and every song, through and through his #1 fangirl. They are enthralled by their daughter, happy and secure together, and better still, she is currently enjoying the buzz that’s building about a possible Oscar nomination for her performance in Rabbit Hole. They are pacing her though for the campaign, not wanting to go out of the gate too early.

And it’s not hype either. I actually haven’t heard a bad word about the film, but the best part is that while most people agree that it’s her best work in a long time, they also concede that it’s the first role in which her, um, facial immobility works for her. She’s playing an emotionally disconnected mother. So you know, she has to withdraw and freeze people out. Amazing, right? Like, because of her face, her parts are limited now to Stepfords and the emotionally comatose.

PS Don’t mind the dress, but those red shoes are harsh.

Photos from Larry Busacca/Rick Diamond/