For the high expectations they had for Nine, it was kinda sad that Penelope Cruz had to go it at the Oscars virtually alone. With Javier, yes, but oftentimes nominees travel in packs and operate like teams. Pene had no teammates. She was the only one singled out.

So this is Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman with Keith Urban and their daughter Sunday Rose in Sydney yesterday. Sunday looks older than Britney's kids and I'm pretty sure she was born after. Just like Duana always says - those boys don't age.
I like how Sunday's hair matches her mother's colour. And she looks like she'll be longlegged too.

As for Nicole's coat - LOVE it so much. For most of us it's an occasion piece... if you wanted to sell your car to be able to afford it. For her it's just a simple travel jacket, nothing special at all. I had a meltdown yesterday over an Elizabeth & James jacket that I ended up walking away from because because I was trying to be good. I spent the rest of the night regretting. Am still regretting.

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