So when I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that our Nashville gossips had observed that she’d had some new work put in, you all were like – nah…she looks the same!


Because this is Nicole Kidman’s face at the Grammy’s.

The same? Sure.

If by the same you mean she had her forehead refrozen, her eyebrows pulled back, something injected into her cheeks, and that third lip reattached…

Is this what you meant by the same?

Look at it! It was born 2 weeks ago! It’s younger than Sunday Rose!

Anyway, Gran made a big show of loving up her husband in the crowd last night. And, power player that she is, she also made sure they had their moment with Paul McCartney. 

But there is one thing I will say about her. She has that body. Her height allows her to carry clothes that other women can’t.

It wasn’t the best… but it wasn’t the worst. Actually much better when she was standing. And she’s so thin now there are hardly any bumps. This makes her happy. Which is why she’s working so hard at smiling.

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