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Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 24, 2014 20:52:39 November 24, 2014 20:52:39

In a while…

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were in London last night at the premiere of Paddington. And the reviews I’ve read so far have been very positive. The Mirror called it the “finest family film ever made”. Kids who were at the screenings loved it, even though there was some controversy about its PG rating – click here for more on that.

But it’s been a while since Nicole’s been in a well-received movie (that people actually want to see). Finally that trend seems to have been reversed. And she seems to be having a lot of fun playing the villain, Paddington’s nemesis, Millicent, who wants to stuff Paddington and hang him on a wall, frozen in perpetuity...

Those shoes are great on her.

Paddington opens in the UK this week but not in North America until January.

Wenn, Karwai Tang/ Fred Duval/ Dave M. Benett/ Getty Images

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