TMZ just reported that Mariah Carey’s American Idol is supposed to start auditioning in two weeks and so far she’s the only judge.


What’s the problem?

TMZ says the problem is that producers are hoping for 4 judges; two of them - Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban - are still negotiating their deals and they’ve no ideas for the final person on the panel. Fine but why can’t Mimi just be at the table by herself? I’ve been waiting my whole life for that show.

Check out potential judge Keith Urban at the US Open the other day with wife Nicole Kidman. Am SO curious to see what her participation might be if he ends up on Idol. Like, does Nicole Kidman sit in the audience and wait for FOX to cutaway to her clapping, with Third Lip on prime time? Oh... wait... I just put that together, dumb slow f-ck that I am...

FOX and Murdoch and Kidman is super tight with him ...

So why hasn’t this deal been nailed down yet???