There have been all kinds of rumours lately about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban breaking up. It only got worse when he didn’t join her in Cannes when Grace Of Monaco opened the festival. For what it’s worth, they were at a wedding in Hendersonville, TN this weekend for Keith’s guitar player. Keith sang the first song, Everything I Do (I Do It For You). Here’s a photo that someone sent to me from the reception. Apparently it was really, really hot. And I’ve just learned that you can still sweat through Botox.

I’m told there was no tension between the two at the event. She was warm and engaging. They seemed as into each other as they’ve ever been. Keith in particular was in a great mood. Very happy, very grounded, totally absorbed in his children, totally content with his career. My sources say that if they are planning to divorce, there were no signs of it this weekend.