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The Globes are two days away. Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman is nominated for Best Actress Drama. Although they say it’s a fight between Annette Bening and Natalie Portman, the HPFA, they LOVE Nicole, have always done, and so I guess it’s not totally impossible. And you know she really wants one. In fact, now that I recall, she was working the journalists pretty hard when I saw her at TIFF. Click here for a refresher.

Last night, Gran and her husband attended the opening of Carole Bayer Sager’s debut solo art exhibit. That’s What Friends Are For! I’m sorry… that was lame sh-ts. But I couldn’t resist. This is what I meant yesterday about looking at two people with “work faces” side by side. It’s an amazing thing. I mean, between them, what percentage of their original noses and lips and cheeks remains?

As for whether or not Gran actually admitted to Botox to a German publication recently, there has been no denial yet… so the quote must be true? If the quote is true, what she said was that she only “tried” it. Not that she uses it regularly. Baby steps, I suppose.

Perhaps she’s finally getting some good advice. Perhaps she finally has a team around her that’s been able to say – look, you need to do something to end this discussion about your forehead. It’s literally killing your career. I mean, when Entertainment Weekly has the temerity to print a two page spread and call it The Return of Kidman’s Face, you know that’s a f-cking problem.

My favourite Carole Bayer Sager song is The Best That You Can Do “Arthur’s Theme”. It was released just as my mother left my dad. We had a student staying with us from Hong Kong at the time. He was full on into English language music trying to immerse himself into the culture, and this would play over and over again from his bedroom and because my ma wasn’t around to yell at anyone, you could hear the song from everywhere in the house. I was 7. And I really believed that New York City was where people went to fall in love. Also, it’s a big hit with Asians. Go down to a Korean karaoke right now and I guarantee you someone will be singing it.

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