Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman pleaded with paps upon arriving home in Australia last week for space and privacy. This must be why she and Keith Urban decided to wear matching leather outfits while out and about in public the other day. Nothing says slipping under the radar like two similarly dressed celebrities surrounded by security.

Then again, if you lost the baby weight as quickly as the Gran, you’d want to show off your body in super tight jeans and a biker jacket too.

More importantly though, Sunday is safe. Sunday has yet to be photographed face on. Sunday, you see, is being saved for Australia. The movie, that is.

Given that she was unable to sell the first photos at a price she felt worthy of her status, my sources say Gran has now decided to switch tactics, negotiating instead for a cover with child timed around the release of her upcoming epic. Not a bad move, especially since her box office has been sucking sh*t. Babies are everyone’s favourite marketing strategy, didn’t you know? Vanity Fair and Vogue are said to be the contenders. Keep you posted.

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