Nicole Kidman was in NYC this weekend to promote her latest Margot at the Wedding – three outings and three scary ass sightings.

First – at a screening for Margot, hair down in a virginal dress. You will note there’s not a wrinkle on her face – NOT ONE – in spite the unmistakable gray at her temples. The girl is beautiful…but frighteningly so, don’t you think?

And then at an anniversary party for New Line – wearing black and everything pulled taut, the loveliest of statues struggling internally between twin desires for eternal youth vs. real life. Here is a woman desperate to appear desirable and ironically sacrificing desirability in the process.

When will Nicole Kidman stop torturing herself?

And finally…at the premiere proper. The perfectly Botoxed façade perfectly in place, skin softer and shinier than a newborn’s, hired husband obediently beside her for the occasion, Nicole is once again immaculately attired, pulled and preened within an inch of her stone cold heart.

By contrast, as you can see, Keith is full of blood and lust. Don’t tell me these two are cracking headboards. Not a chance.

As for the whispers and wishful thoughts coming out of his fanbase that he’s near his limit and has had enough of his contracted marital employment… also not a chance. I’m told that while they still don’t spend much time together, in spite of strategic leaks otherwise, she has ordered a holiday and they are planning on a getaway some time soon. Word is Keith WILL oblige. Especially since her career isn’t what it was. Click here for a scathing review of her professional choices. I don’t necessarily agree with the writer disparaging her talent but the golden glow of Oscar has quite obviously faded away. Needless say, as evidenced by her wrinkle-free face, Nicole Kidman, at 40 and no longer a critical darling, is becoming more and more desperate.