Third Lip will take the stage at the Beverly Hilton next next Sunday for the Golden Globe Awards as Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman has been confirmed as a presenter, likely in support of Nine which is up for 5 awards, including acting nods for Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, and DDL. She herself has not been recognised. Because she sucked.

Gran spent the holiday in Australia with Keith Urban and Sunday Rose and they were photographed at the airport today heading home… perhaps to get her face refreshed in advance of the event where Ricky Gervais will be presiding. And drinking. And he’s the king of the awkward moment.

So what will happen when Ricky meets Third Lip?

Oh Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Please let him get smashed. Because if he gets smashed enough, he will introduce himself to Third Lip. Live. And it will be glorious. It will be a Smutty Epic.

Here’s one of Ricky’s Golden Globe ads now running. I die every time I hear him talk about the “Brange school”. And that giggle…

By the way, please tell me you’ve seen this:

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