No come on… don’t try and tell me Nicole Kidman does not look like Keith Urban’s Granny Freeze Aunt here. Don’t try and don’t lie. Because she does. And you know it.

Nicole is currently in London promoting The Golden Compass, a film and a role for which her immoblised forehead and freshly peeled cheeks actually work in her favour, given she plays the evil bitch who terrorises little girls.

By all accounts, The Golden Compass will deliver Nicole’s first hit in a long, long time – something she desperately needs.

But back to the Granny and back to the Freeze. How ironic non? That someone so wrinkle-free can still look so old? It’s the brassy lips and the red hair. And she should definitely stay away from animal print. Next to Keith and his baseball cap it’s like she’s babysitting now.

Photos from Splash