When Gwyneth was on Oprah last week, she talked about going back to work, or rather choosing not to work, after having children, explaining that her focus as an “artist” now has been to look for and take on supporting roles instead of leading parts so that she does not have to spend so much time away from her children.

My Gwynnie says it’s the 14 hour days that can break your heart. Leaving for the set before the kids wake up, coming home from an all day shoot after the kids are already in bed.

That’s the life of an actor and since she has the luxury of being able to maintain her lifestyle without a job, Gwyneth was quite honest about not wanting to miss a day. As she put it “you can never get that time back”.

I’m a baby-hating bitch of a shrew but even I can appreciate that sentiment.

And then there’s Nicole Kidman. Granny Freeze barely waited a month before heading to Sydney for Australia reshoots and then it was straight to London to prepare for Nine. As such, Sunday Rose has been living on a film set while mom devotes much of her time to satiating her ambition, chased relentlessly by the fear that she’ll become irrelevant if she takes a break both from the botox and from the camera.

Is it fair to judge a woman for wanting a family and a career?

Perhaps not.

But Gran has already reached the summit of star success, non? She has an Oscar, she is regarded as one of the finest in the business, she has worked with the finest in the business…

So really, what’s left that can’t wait until after a baby break? Especially since this is a woman who publicly wailed about her difficulties conceiving, who wistfully described her desire for a bucolic utopia in Nashville with her musician husband and daughter, who plaintively complained of a life deprived of privacy, who said that family is the priority over her profession…

It’s like when Jennifer Aniston kept saying she wanted babies with Brad Pitt and then took 6 movie roles in succession after the conclusion of Friends.

Begs the question: do you really?

Granny – do you really?

This is Nicole with Sunday and Keith, out for her weekly pap appearance and then again, as Sunday stayed behind presumably with the nanny, husband and wife were seen leaving the Wyndhams Theatre after a performance of Ivanov – yet another in a series of high brow pursuits during which Keith was undoubtedly riveted.

It’s when he’s away from her, surrounded by his boys, that he can truly enjoy himself. Rumour has it they call her the golden handcuff. Snort.

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