Before the Golden Globes, on Saturday night, there was a dinner in LA as part of Australia Week 2010 in honour Simon Baker. Granny Freeze turned up with Keith Urban and they serenaded the man of the hour. No, she can’t dance for sh-t. But Nicole Kidman finally lets loose, demonstrates some personality, takes the botox out her ass and pretends she can have a good time. Sure it’s a good time for show but still...

At least it’s entertaining. Come on, when was the last time Granny entertained you? It’s been years.

This is the reason I hate looking in the mirror at the gym. There are a number of them, actually, not the least of which is the fact that if I’m doing some that requires a lot of movement, like burpees or step-ups or shuffles, my face gets all distorted. Like in photos when you see people running. See how Gran is dancing and jumping? And every flap on her face is intact? It’s like shaking a statue.

To be fair though, she’s so cute in this video, I almost can’t believe it’s her.

Photos from RUPERT/