Remember when Nicole Kidman dated Lenny Kravitz? For that matter, remember when Nicole Kidman dated Q-Tip?!? Right?! You totally forgot! Nicole Kidman and Q-Tip!

Yes. Before Nicole found Keith Urban, she was with Q-Tip and she was with Lenny. And last night, as she accompanied Keith to the CMT Awards, they all ran into each other backstage and posed for a photo. Keith and Lenny even hugged. It was all very civilised.

And her shoes were AMAZING. I love this heel, do you? This heel is helping to reverse my shoe hate.

Last night, I flew on the red-eye from Calgary to Toronto. Couldn’t sleep so I watched Stoker again. Man, even with her face all frozen up like that, Nicole Kidman is an extraordinary actor. There’s a scene at the end, when she finally understands exactly who her daughter is, the camera holds on Kidman up close, for at least 15 seconds, and the range of emotion -- from shock to relief to horror to fear to disgust -- she’s capable of is incredible. And I wondered how much better it could be if she had that much more mobility in her features. It’s the difference between winning a race and breaking a world record while doing so.