Katie Holmes may be younger than Nicole Kidman, and I was about to write “infinitely more expressive” seeing as Katie hasn’t turned her face into a tundra, but then I realised, even though Katie hasn’t frozen her forehead, there is, like her predecessor, really not all that much variation in her expressions, for completely different reasons. Is there a thesis in here somewhere? 

Where does Kidman have the advantage over the current Mrs Cruise? 


Mostly red carpet, because normally I don’t find Nicole’s casual clothing all that remarkable. But here she is New York with Keith Urban and daughter Sunday Rose, working it like they’d be game to throw down a pap-off with Tom and Little Sci, and Nicole in perhaps one of the best street outfits I’ve ever seen from her - jeans, high boots, a leather jacket, and a grey scarf. She looks really, really good. 


OF COURSE they have no idea Tom and Katie are in town. Don’t be ridiculous.