You know, Granny Freeze usually flies private. And yet she was photographed leaving Sydney today with Keith Urban swinging little Sunday Rose between them, blissed out and so in love, headed for home for the holidays. Oh right. And she’s currently promoting a movie called Rabbit Hole for which she’s expected to be Oscar-nominated. Is that why Rupert Murdoch didn’t send his plane this time?

Anyway, you know who else is in Australia?

Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber and their two boys. Here they are playing with their children at Bronte Beach yesterday. Nicole and Naomi are supposed to be bffs. You get the sense though that Naomi has slowly extracted herself without drama so that it’s not uncomfortable when they have to pose together at an event but doesn’t mind at all that she won’t hear from Gran, if at all, for several months after. It’s not the most immediately gratifying way of breaking up – you can’t tell the person to their face that they’re selfish and you’re tired of being taken for granted – but in the end it’s probably better for self-preservation. Someone like Nicole, she’d probably use a big blowout to her advantage publicly.

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