Granny Freeze has returned home to Australia to introduce baby Faith Margaret to her family. It’ll be a big week of celebrations. Her wedding anniversary is coming up and her birthday and also Sunday Rose’s too. Her sister Antonia is also back in town for the reunion. Antonia has a lot of kids. The baby she’s holding is her youngest, Nicholas. Was he named after his aunt?

Nicholas was born in December. Faith Margaret was also born in December. Why is my smutty sense tingling?

Anyway, Antonia is 3 years younger than Nicole. I think they look very similar. Only Antonia, well, Antonia hasn’t been frozen. She is lovely, but she’s been, should we say, less aggressive (?) about her attempts at immortality, if such efforts actually exist on her part. Have a feeling it’s not as important to her as it is to her sister.

And this provides us with a nice “What If”. Enjoy.

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