I love these pictures.

Nicole Kidman arrived in Sydney today with daughters Sunday and Faith. Evidently she was on the same flight as Russell Crowe as they exited the airport together, each carrying one of the girls, and if you didn’t know about gossip and celebrities, you’d think they were the parents, only Keith Urban was there to meet them and, well, you can see that happy reunion below.

Interestingly enough though, after separating from Tom Cruise, Nicole was actually rumoured to be hooking up with Russell for a while. There was allegedly a trip to Mexico and all kinds of drama because he may have been overlapping with Danielle Spencer and also some crazy, crazy bullsh-t was getting thrown around back then about Russell being the father of the baby Nicole miscarried and that’s why Tom left her.

God, 2002 was such a great year for gossip.

How did an entire decade go by so quickly?