This is ridiculous.

It looks like what I can only refer to as ‘cyberwear’. The kind of thing you would get at the mall from Le Chateau, in pleathers and PVCs, as popularized by Angelina Jolie in Hackers and ideally worn with cobalt blue eyeliner.

So why do I love it so much?

I do. Logically I know it looks tacky and plasticky and that even if you were going to wear an iridescent column reminiscent of a prom in New Jersey, you wouldn’t pair it with the kind of vinyl red belt that used to belong to your mom but was years ago relegated to the dress-up trunk.  

But she’s having fun in it! She looks alive and great! Something happened inside Nicole Kidman where she decided she was never going to be a china doll in ringlets wearing a stiff smile and a stiff neck at these things ever again, and for her that appears to mean some wackedy fashion choices when she’s able.

Again, she was just presenting tonight – low-level responsibility, which equals a good time. I know these two live pretty clean so I imagine cutting loose won’t involve anything worse than dancing. So she chose a dress that brings the party with her wherever she goes. If she starts eating pixy stix and putting glitter on her face, I will be the first one to clap delightedly.