No… this is NOT a photo shoot! This is Granny Freeze and her employee husband at the Australian Open delirious with delight about their pending parenthood. Doesn’t the happiness just whip off the page and slap you in the face?

Of course they weren’t staged! Why would they be staged???

Check out the gusto with which Granny is trying to move her forehead. There is a slight ripple in one of those shots if you look closely. As you can see, her eyes are straining and threatening to pop out of their sockets. At some point however the effort becomes too much for her and she has to take cover with her hands – no doubt rubbing out a massive headache. Can you imagine how tight that sh*t must be???

But no matter. Katie Holmes ate it at the box office this weekend AND Granny’s fertility has been the talk of Australia, as the princess of Oz readies to welcome a prince or princess of her own. All is well in her world.

Unfortunately, that common pregnancy glow appears to have skipped over Granny’s house. Poor Granny looks straight up geriatric in these, non?

It’s the hair, I think. The hair and the senior citizen wardrobe. And of course the Freeze. The Freeze is frightening.