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Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 11, 2011 06:56:04 July 11, 2011 06:56:04

Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman didn’t look great at the BAFTA Gala the other night with Will & Kate. I wonder if it’s been too long between forehead shots and fillers. And that little piece of fringe that kept coming loose off her side part was such an awkward way to style her hair. Definitely not Gran’s best outing.

But she was more animated and expressive than we’ve seen in a long time. Maybe it was the challenge that Megan Fox threw down last week. Maybe Gran was all like, I can move my face too! Maybe Gran is a Royalist. Maybe that’s why she was so jacked to see the Cambridges.

Did anyone ask her that night about her friend Rupert Murdoch and the trouble he’s been having with the now defunct News of the World? It’s not likely. But there was a time when Nicole wasn’t so distant from Murdoch. As mentioned already, she is godmother to his two youngest daughters. And I wonder, since it’s been so allegedly challenging for high profile members to leave the Church of Scientology without attacks and retribution (see here if you want to get the chills, chills, chills), whether or not Mr Murdoch’s influence (and financial backing) would have helped to smooth that; Nicole’s transition was considered smooth, save for the fact that her children were probably instructed by Xenu to cut her off. That is a conversation we’ve had before, many times. See the archives.

Today’s discussion is about Murdoch and his celebrity friends. And, as happy as his editors were to cross whatever line to get the story on princes, politicians, and celebrities, were there those who were spared if they were close to their boss?

All I know is that around the time Kidman married Keith Urban, News of the World was presented with a story about them, specifically Urban, that was terribly unflattering. With what appeared to be evidence at least worth following up on. They didn’t end up running it. And I’m told they didn’t even bother pursuing it. Now the excuse is that there wasn’t enough to go on, or they simply didn’t believe it. But that paper has published a LOT more on a lot LESS about people who don’t happen to be friends with the owner. All I’m asking is – Coincidence or Conspiracy?

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