These photos are amazing, non?

Paris Fashion Week. Armani Privé front row. Isabelle Huppert and Nicole Kidman in the front row, both nominated today for Oscars. Nicole Kidman bending to kiss the hand. Of the Queen? We’ll find out in a month. As Sarah posted earlier, Isabelle Huppert has gained a lot of ground in the Best Actress race these last couple of weeks. Sure, she does not have a SAG nomination and that doesn’t work in her favour, but it’s also the tightest Best Actress situation we’ve seen in years – 3 frontrunners, Isabelle, along with Emma Stone and Natalie Portman, and the race just got reset starting from today.

If Nicole’s gesture here is any indication…

You know what I love about these photos? Isabelle does not look uncomfortable. LIKE NOT AT ALL. Most people would be like, Jesus, Nicole, get up, this is so embarrassing. Isabelle is basically trying to make her arm EVEN LONGER so that Nicole will have to bend lower. Isabelle feels no rush about hurrying this moment. Isabelle’s standing there like, yeah, this is exactly what should be happening, every minute of every day. This is the woman who will be turning it on for the next 3 weeks for Oscar. Her first Oscar. The first time she’s going to the Oscars. And she really, really wants it.