The Queen of Australia, Nicole Kidman, has brought her princess home to meet her subjects. The Daily Telegraph was able to capture photo and video of Granny Freeze exiting a private plane. Click here to see.

But this is the best…

According to the paper, Gran and Keith went to great lengths to concoct a “carefully constructed and covert plan (slipping) into Sydney under the cover of darkness”.

And still, somehow, still somehow the media managed to greet her at the airport.


And Granny had thought of everything…really she did!

Decoy cars helped to block the press in pursuit, while an aviation fuel tanker and luggage trailers were also strategically parked to limit vision to the jet and couple's cars.

Well then this photographer must have been really, really clever. Because that’s the bundle of Sunday in Granny’s arms, and now the entire country knows that Her Granny Highness has returned.

Funny how that always happens, non? That no matter how hard she tries to be private, Nicole Kidman can always be found.

Coincidence…or conspiracy?

Gran is reportedly back in Australia to wrap up work in Australia, the movie.

By the way – this photo attached is actually Granny’s wax figure, although no one would blame you for confusing it with the real thing. I know, right?