Granny Freeze is Fertile… Finally!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 7, 2008 16:35:48 January 7, 2008 16:35:48

After denying it last week, Nicole Kidman’s publicist has confirmed – Granny Freeze IS indeed fertile! And Keith Urban has successfully fulfilled yet another clause in his contract. Well done mate!

This is beautiful news on many fronts.

Benefits of Granny Freeze’s Fertility:
1. finally it puts to rest that ridiculous Urban Legend, the one so many of you have emailed about – the one about your uncle who knows a doctor who went to a medical conference where they presented on hermaphrodites citing Granny as an example.

2. Granny Freeze will have to thaw out, seeing as pregnancy and Botox apparently don’t mix…which brings us to Granny Freeze Fertility Benefit #3…

3. We just might get to see what Granny looks like with one wrinkle, to say nothing of the added bonus possibility of observing the motion of her forehead…something that hasn’t happened in over 4 years

4. Granny’s Fertility has saved her career! The MiniVan Majority LOVES babies! See Jennifer Garner and Violet! The MiniVan will lift up Nicole from box office failure and gift her with a new lease in showbiz living!

5. Will a baby cure Granny of her lying problem?

And the best benefit ever:

6: Granny Freeze’s baby vs Little Sci. Enough of Little Sci usurping her attention. It’s the battle of the baby headlines. Can’t wait!

Here’s Nicole, totally “candid” showing off her glow the other day at lunch with friends, enjoying the final days of her Freeze.

PS. The timing of this really couldn"t be better. A scathing new book on the GMD that raises issues from when they were married, Katie has a movie coming out, and her own movies have flopped...

All wonderful coincidences...

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