As expected, Nicole Kidman killed it tonight in Cannes. Her best, best, BEST showing in years. This exquisite dress is Christian Dior from the Haute Couture S/S 2013 that I posted here in January. And I called it exquisite then too. Shocking that there wasn’t more of this at the Oscars. That’s a perfect hairstyle too. Real or fake? Come on. There’s no debate, is there? I suck at the Hair, Real or Fake debate and even I can see that.

Remember, as Gran is a jury member this year, we’re getting her every single night at the Palais. If this is any indication, she could take care of our dress porn needs all by herself. And she’s making up for the other acclaimed ginger, Julianne Moore.

It’s disappointing.

The lavender full skirt is disappointing. And sh-t, it’s made worse by those janky-looking shoes. Is that...are her... the pinky toes, are they dislodged? I adore her. So whoever dressed her, they’ve done her a great disservice.