Thwarted time and again… poor Granny Freeze. If not for Britney losing her sh*t and Lilo falling off the wagon, more of our smutty attention would be directed towards Granny’s 45th pregnancy mystery – is she or isn’t she?

As you know, Nicole has expertly controlled and managed the speculation – given that her career is in the dumps and Katie is everyone’s favourite these days, Granny has to find a piece of the spotlight somehow. And having a baby, or possibly having a baby, is the surest and quickest way to the top of the tabloid heap.

Except for a Chicken Fried trainwreck called Britney.

Still… Granny keeps trying.

New photos of Nicole and Keith in Sydney. And she is putting that Best Actress Oscar on full display. Check out how Keith can’t seem to walk without positioning his arm directly in front of her belly so as to draw your eyes to it. And look at Nicole’s double hand clasp around her man – so meek, so feminine, so needing to be protected in her “delicate” condition.

Problem is, there were many unsold photos from this set that display a very flat stomach. The tabloids only purchased the suggestive ones.

And so the guessing continues, keeping Granny in the news for yet another day. Mission accomplished!