We discussed it in reference to Madonna and SJP earlier this year. Click here and here for articles on Hand Shame. What happens when the hands don’t match the face? At the time I wondered about Hand Surgery. Apparently they do in fact offer it. It’s called Hand Rejuvenation. I just found a link for it here.

If one is so liberal about injecting the forehead and lips and filling the cheeks, what’s the hesitation with the hands?

As you can see here, Nicole Kidman has not treated her hands the same way she’s treated her face. Unlike Madonna, she’s not walking around wearing gloves all the time. Do I have a problem with wrinkly hands? Of course not. This is not the point. The point is that I’m surprised SHE doesn’t have a problem with wrinkly hands, considering she clearly has a problem with everything above the neck not looking like it was just ironed by a glacier.

By the way, I have two very close friends who were in Vegas this weekend (where the ACM Awards went down). They went to the Four Seasons for brunch. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were there. And it was a buffet! They ate at the buffet with all the other regular citizens. Now why can’t she call the paps when she’s eating at the buffet???