It’s Gran! She’s in Rome for Nine with Daniel Day-Lewis, the longest shoot ever! Can’t wait to see how Nine will play out. Because it’s currently slated for a November 2009 release which means Harvey Weinstein will push for Oscar season…

And among all of those actresses, which ones will he promote for contention and which will be asked to take a backseat? And will they claw each other’s eyes out as a result? What if it comes down to Granny and Penelope Cruz?


Let it happen.

Anyway, in this set of photos, Nicole Kidman is pictured looking rough before reporting to set and then absolutely beautiful after being worked on in the trailer. That makeup artist did a wonderful job.

As for those Nashville rumours that she’s had some work done – she doesn’t look any more frozen than usual, nor does she look any less frozen than usual so… the injections have settled in nicely?

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