Nicole Kidman is currently in Australia shooting a movie called Strangeland. This is why she couldn’t attend the ACM Awards with Keith Urban. As you can see, Gran’s gone brown. And it works for her. Because it softens her face. It mutes the enhancements. There’s something about blonde on her that highlights the tight and the fill, you know?

Over in Vegas though, where Keith was winning awards and performing, it’s a different story. I pointed it out a couple of months ago at the Grammys – click here for a refresher. What has he borrowed from his wife? Is he borrowing too much from his wife? It’s especially evident when he smiles. Jesus. Those cheeks are fuller than Prince George’s. And the weird evenness from under his eyes that spreads across the rest of the face, rounding out his jaw is unmistakable but also made more prominent with makeup and blush.

Or it could just be me. I have a cold. Maybe I’m seeing things that aren’t there.