And it’s a good thing!

Not sure why she insisted on being a blonde for so long. Didn’t work for her at all. And aged her even more than usual. But it looks like Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman has taken it back to red. Seen here last night in New York with Keith Urban after a performance of God of Carnage, Gran is fresh and bright and ... smug. She knows it.

Been a quiet few months for Freezie as she’s scaled back on work to devote time to Sunday Rose and get down with the people in Nashville. Credit to her, she’s seems to have truly meant it. Very low key, very few arranged pap sessions, genuinely appeared to be interested in setting up her home there.


The best surgeons are out of town.

Gran’s schedule is apparently open to enjoy a relaxing summer before picking up promotion on Nine. Will be interesting to see how she manages with Penelope Cruz during the press tour. Word is Weinstein’s Oscar support will be behind Pene and that right now Gran’s media involvement may not be as extensive as the others, especially since there are rumours running rampant around the industry that Harvey is strapped for cash. Keep you posted.

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