Last week, on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter, Nicole Kidman was all like, “I am the indie spirit, and that’s where my art is, not with the big box office movies”. So here she is, at Sundance this weekend, being “indie”.

Everyone else is in parkas and Sorels and, well, this is about as indie (style) as it gets for Granny Freeze. I’m not sure she looks all that comfortable, either. Sundance is a small town that Los Angeles converts into a giant red carpet for 10 days every year -- they can’t totally hide the rustic. It’s not exactly how the godmother of Rupert Murdoch’s children normally rolls.

Kidman is at Sundance for Stoker, scheduled for release in March. I’ve read a couple of reviews and so far, it seems decent, with most of the praise, not surprisingly, going to Mia Wasikowska’s performance. She’s amazing in every film. Definitely seeing this.