Gwyneth Paltrow going online and tweeting and whosaying and facebooking is one thing. But Gran? Franny Freeze Nicole Kidman?

This is...

A new world.

It’s like... it’s like the ones who were once most superior and inaccessible... it’s like they’re all trying to, gulp, reach out and HUG us.

Yo. Nicole Kidman is virtual hugging you. For real. On YouTube.

See for yourself, and then my comments below.


I think it’s safe to say that’s the last time she’ll agree to be shot without proper lighting because goddamn that’s too harsh for a face that’s already been too harshly treated. Christ! It makes the fillers look so much worse. To say nothing of those lips. Go and buy Oprah’s special lens off her studio. She’s wrapped that sh-t up by now, hasn’t she?

Love the blouse/dress/whatever though.

But not the hair.

I actually feel cheated re: the hair. And here I thought the hair she wore 3 weeks ago at the Billboard Music Awards with Keith Urban (not pictured) was real. I’m so dumb! It was a weave! How could I have not known it was a weave?

Granny is on YouTube AND she wears weaves! What are we coming to?

(Thanks Roger!)

Photos from Isaac Brekken/Gettyimages.com