Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman is getting real with the people. She’s been spending time with Sunday and in support of her husband’s new album, because after all, that’s what a contract is all about, has been deigning to stay in Nashville, mingling with the common folk, even engaging in common folk activities…

Like Rollergirls!

Saturday night, Gran was spotted at the Nashville Rollergirls event at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Granny was hanging out with a few girlfriends and gamely cheering along. Best – it wasn’t her first time!

Click here for a photo of Roller G and more details about her royal visit. Good move. Hopefully she senses we are tired of her. Stay low, ease up on the forehead injections, we’ll warm to the Freeze again eventually?

Also, and not particularly relevant but only because I decided to use these photos from the UK premiere of Australia to accompany this article and noticed her kitten heels…

How do we feel about kitten heels?

Duana and I, we were discussing this the other night at 2am. This is what girls do on a weekend sleepover at 2am. Kitten heels = hate. Both of us. Look at Granny Nicole in these kitten heels. They automatically turn her into a tip toe walker. Tip toe walking + turned out feet = my irrational pet peeve.

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