Nicole Kidman was rather chatty the other night on the carpet at the CMT Awards – unusual for her when it’s not really HER project. It was Keith Urban of course who was a nominee that night. And you know Granny Freeze prefers to play demure where the marriage is concerned – on the outside, that is.

But she also needs to sell her fertility, which is why she told Access Hollywood that she had suffered from morning sickness – the stars are just like us! – and that she is anticipating the final stretch of her pregnancy:

"(I’m) good actually, really good. Waiting for the third trimester. Everyone says that is hard work."

Third trimester??? What happened to the first and second? Did they happen at all?

Conspiracy theories continue to swirl and online speculation continues to grow especially since she appears to be growing inordinately slowly. Her supporters will say it’s because women transition differently… very true. And still…there is something smutty in the air, non?