She looked good, y’all, she did. She looked immobilised in the face, sure, but compared to how she’s been lately, she did look good. With her hair loose and wavy, wearing a beautifully ornate Oscar de la Renta, Granny was almost fresh. Like fresh out the freezer. So much better ginger red than she is as a blonde.

Unfortunately, Third Lip skipped the carpet, which is why we don’t have too many shots of her from different angles. Not sure why Gran isn’t feeling the spotlight lately. Perhaps it has something to do with her hiring Angelina Jolie’s manager? Nikki Finke reported it exclusively on Friday – after many, many, MANY years without, Nicole Kidman, whose career is in the total sh-ts, has aligned herself with the man who has been overseeing the Jolie. VERY interesting. But will he be able to convince her to chill out on the facial f-ckery? Look out. This will be fun.

Also attached – a photo from Third Lip’s appearance at Hope for Haiti Now on Friday. It’s even crazier when it pouts.

Photos from Kevin Winter/Getty