Gran and her husband continue to hide from the paps in Australia – here she is showing off her bump in a very very tight suit while Keith appears to have put on some sympathy weight.

Nicole is said to be house hunting in LA, close to friend Naomi Watts’s place and spent time in LA browsing the real estate market – she also told her “source” to tell Us Weekly that while in the States she had the chance to hang out with her kids. In Gran’s vocab, hanging out with the kids means getting freshly Botoxed.

Curious the selection of LA as a home base. Keith has a house in Nashville…she keeps trying to convince people that that’s “home” for them. Like Nicole Kidman could survive without the Hollywood plastic…bitch, please.

As for why not Australia – Keith is touring this summer. Easier for him to fly back to her in LA for the “birth”. And staying in Australia keeps her out of the headlines.

Gran is desperate right now to stay relevant and she needs the MiniVan to watch every single day of this pregnancy. Which is why poor Keith has suddenly found himself on a very, very short leash.