They put her in the front row in the best seat, giving her the clout of George Clooney, and then never cut away to her, even though she had her hand on Keith Urban's thigh quite often in an obvious display of "we are so together"ness. A waste. 

What I was saying before about the movie star-tv star hierarchy is evident here: Kidman is a movie star, and she dresses like a movie star. And while you may not like this Antonio Berardi (I don't at all), they sent it to her right off the runway last week (I posted the collection, click here to see), modified for the red carpet. This is a first-wear, certainly not a second-thought discard, and definitely not a half-wedding taffeta gown for Miss America or, you know, one of the stars of Modern Family. I don't mean to be sh-tting on Julie Bowen so much but it's more out of frustration: television and all its attendant parts and personalities need to start crusading for its place on par with film; fashion is a sympton of that inequality.

That said, though Kidman is always one to style-watch, this was not a good showing. Something is off about the fit. Maybe too small? And the sleeves, as presented on the runway, grounded the beading situation through the middle. Without them the glitter patch seems to be overtaking everything, maybe even the third lip. Speaking of Joshua Malina, who Duana just namechecked adoringly in the previous post about Kerry Washington, here's what he tweeted about Nicole:

"I thought Kidman should have won for Hemingway and Freezeface."

When she takes away all his employment opportunities, we must promise to support him for life.