The lovely and delightful Emily Procter – Ainsley Hayes! Caleigh Duquesne! – co-hosted The Social with us last week. It was her second time. She’s THE BEST.

Anyway, she told this story on the air about why – in her words – her eyebrows looked so crazy. That’s how she described them, seriously. On camera. To a national audience. You see now why we love her? Emily she explained that the reason for her eyebrows is …the dentist. She says she went to a dentist in LA for, whatever, dental issues. And while she was there, the dentist was like, hey, you could use some Botox. LOOK. Then he shoved a huge distorty mirror in her face and pointed out to her where he’d inject her. Bewildered and flustered and seeing her face all weirded up in his weird ass mirror, she agreed.

Only in LA!

That’s how they get you!

The dentist!

You think Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman goes to the dentist a lot?

Check her out today in Cannes, in advance of the festival opening premiere of Grace Of Monaco, alongside co-star Tim Roth. Are you seeing some fresh “dentistry” happening here? I see a lot of “dentistry” happening in her husband too.