Remember when Katie Holmes was pregnant with Little Sci and all those conspiracy theories kept flying back and forth because of her oddly morphing bump and everyone was all suspicious that she’d had the baby already, accusing the GMD of trying to screw with conception dates and due dates with the public? Remember that?

Well how about Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman?

She officially confirmed her pregnancy first week of January. It has been six weeks. And she looks exactly the same.

Here’s Gran in Japan today to promote The Golden Compass. Her style has been absolute ass since Keith knocked her up, non?

As you can see, Nicole’s transparent dress was chosen for maximum bump showcasing. Of course it was. More importantly though, Nicole is as young/old as ever. Skin is thin but wrinkle-free. Eerily wrinkle-free. And the brows are perfectly pulled, the cheeks perfectly plump, the lips perfectly filled in.

How amazing is it that Botox can be used during pregnancy?!?! Medical science is truly astounding.

Nicole will present at the Oscars on Sunday. Can’t wait to see that itty bitty bump up close.

Source Daily Mail