New Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo ads. She’s lying down in all of them. I think she would have been happy about that. No gravity. Nothing pulling anything down. Everything frozen in place.

And panties!

Ice on the face, flames between the legs…

Is this the idea here?

You know when they say that Botox is killing emotions and actors are looking like they can’t feel anymore? How is that during sex? Facial expressions are so important during sex. It turns me on when I can see that Jacek is turned on. There’s a thing he does with his eyes, a stare he gives that in any other context could be interpreted as frustration, even irritation, but in that moment, can only be interpreted as undeniable, unmistakable desire and when it’s complemented by what he’s doing with the rest of his body, well, that’s the sh-t right there. That’s why we have sex. I’m pretty sure I have a face that does the same for him. And I wonder if I ever got Botox – would I still be able to make it? 

Anyway, I’m more interested in the white tuxedo jacket. Click here to see more of Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo.