If this is what Nicole Kidman chose for the night before the CMA Awards, well I can’t wait to see what happens tonight for the event proper because her Stella McCartney for the BMI Country Awards Tuesday evening in Nashville would have worked for a main event. She is spectacular in it. One of the few who can carry it off the runway although Stella sent it down the runway in a flirty short version - click here to see my original post from Paris Fashion Week. It’s there in blue.  And I am obsessed with that entire collection which is why it caught my eye on Nicole going through photos in the agencies.

The long choice is the right one for her, I think so, yes?

So what could possibly be waiting on the hanger for tonight? Because, you know, it’s totally not about her but, come on, it’s always about her. Especially since Keith will be tense about the Entertainer of the Year.

Also, let me stop you right there. Don’t go there. You know where. NO. We will not do this. I refuse to engage in it.