grabbed a few shots of Granny’s ass boarding a plane. All the outlets are putting her at 5 months pregnant. Still the debate about whether or not she’s really pregnant rages on.

Since I’m surrounded by child bearing friends, it is my understanding that most women don’t confirm publicly until they’re past their first trimester.

Assuming that this was the case with Nicole, it would mean that she would have been 12 weeks or so on January 6th. Which puts her at 22 weeks now. Five months… like they’ve been saying. But she looks exactly the same as she did back then.

Explanation: she’s tall. Her baby is growing vertically. Or she wasn’t 12 weeks yet when she announced? But why would someone with her history of miscarriage announce so early?

Must be the height.

Many of you have emailed, explaining that you’re as tall as she is, and when you were expecting, you hardly showed at all. I also heard a story of some girl raised in a bum f&ck small town who only found out she was having a baby until she went into labour. Truth.

As such, of course Nicole Kidman COULD be pregnant and simply genetically incapable of bulging the way other women do. Absolutely.

But there are others who’ve noted that her breasts have hardly grown and the swelling isn’t there… so when you throw in the weird timeline, and the fact that she was groomed by the most manipulative of media manipulators, and of course the suspicious behaviour, perhaps the surrogate speculation isn’t so farfetched after all.

Playing devil’s advocate though – if it really WAS a fakeout, wouldn’t she go the extra mile in attaching a prosthetic to better illustrate her fraud? She is an actor, after all. And she won her Oscar “by a nose”. If she could play Virginia Woolf with a prosthetic, couldn’t she also play an expectant mother with some padding?

So the fact that she hasn’t used any props… doesn’t that mean it’s legit?

Or is that totally reverse psychology? That she’s playing it “natural” instead so as not to draw the same comparisons when Katie’s bump curiously morphed larger and smaller from week to week.

Oh the maddening mystery!

Oh the clever Granny!

A puppet master keeping us properly intrigued! And keeping our smutties tingling...