has just posted an article listing the worst celebrity hotel guests ever. Not surprisingly, Amy Winehouse makes an appearance with her bloody cuts and her food fights. Also Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, when his head was a mess and he decided to trash a hotel room.

Needless to say, Mariah Carey ranks too – Mimi’s demands are legendary.

But would you believe…would you believe Mimi and the Granny have something in common? Would you believe even the frosty lady, the frozen gran, even Nicole Kidman is cited for her assy guest behaviour?

Gran was once scheduled for a brief stay – like 12 hours – at the Four Seasons Chicago. Before her arrival, her assistants sent over her own personalized 800 thread count Italian sheet (pink!) AND a booklet of detailed instructions WITH DIAGRAMS about how to properly make Ms Kidman’s bed. She never showed up.

In 2006 she also insisted at the Dorchester in London that all the lightbulbs in her room be switched from 60 to 40 watt – apparently the Freeze needs good lighting even when she’s alone.


Why get all that Botox when you can’t even look at yourself without a technician?

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This is gran, her skin as perfect and as taut as ever, shopping in Sydney today with Keith Urban, smiling for the paps and beaming benevolently at a salesperson shocked by the immobility of her face.

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