A friend of mine just bought a motorbike. He took a couple of weeks’ worth of lessons, then waited a few more weeks for his road test, then bought a starter Harley and tricked it out with all kinds of modifications – it’s all matte, it’s louder, and there’s something to with something else but these are not the kind of details I memorise. What I did find interesting is that Harley-Davidson motorcycle boots are actually way more comfortable and stylish and better cut just below the calf than their “fashion” counterparts. Well, who’s a stupid c-nt for not knowing something so obvious? Can you wear Harley-Davidson motorcycle boots without actually owning a Harley-Davidson?

Does Nicole Kidman ride a Harley-Davidson?

As you know, she is the new Jimmy Choo spokesperson. I wrote about this last week and how much I love the bob on her. The brand has now released a behind-the-scenes video with Kidman explaining her love of shoes, particularly kitten heels. Or, as we say here at LaineyGossip, f-cking kitten heels. And then we fight. Duana wrote a manifesto against the kitten heel last year and it ended up being one of the most-read articles that month. Click here for a refresher. But check out Kidman in New York yesterday, not in kitten heels but flats. See? Super cute. And much better than a kitten heel.

Sorry. We totally digressed from Harley-Davidson. In the video, as you’ll hear, Nicole talks about how she and her husband have motorbikes. Really? I can’t picture this. Can you picture it? Is it something she picked up from her marriage to Tom Cruise?