Here she is in London yesterday shooting what I presume is the film adaptation of S J Watson’s book? Have you read it? If we’re talking literary thrillers, I preferred Before I Go To Sleep over Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. Sleep is the creepy version of Drew Barrymore’s 50 First Dates. Every day Christine wakes up and she has no idea who she is and must relearn herself by reading her journal only more and more she’s learning that she might not actually be who she thinks she’s learning to be. It’s a good “holiday” read. Or for one of those weekends you don’t feel like doing anything but sitting at home, shutting off the phone, and having an affair with a book. Although this weekend the affair you should be having is with Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life, my new Book Love...available NOW!

Anyway, if I’m remembering correctly, Christine, the character Gran Kidman is likely playing in the movie, is almost 50. I will punch myself if they age her down. There is NO reason Christine needs to be aged down, unless Freeze over there is refusing to age up.