Third Lip, red lips, and big teeth

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 4, 2009 07:31:06 December 4, 2009 07:31:06

Third Lip was painted red yesterday at the London premiere of Nine. Third Lip looks smaller in red, non? Or is that because the teeth are now so big? Many of you have written to remark on Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman’s teeth. Do they seem enlarged? Veneers? Poor Third Lip. She’s always fighting something.

Many are ragging on Gran today because of what she chose to wear. While Pene Cruz and Manslinger Hudson went for full drama in long gowns, Gran opted for light and short. Critics are calling it frumpy, more appropriate for daytime.

Hey, you know I’m all for jumping on Third Lip and riding it with snark but just because the other two decided to go cotillion doesn’t necessarily mean her sartorial selection sucked. That jacket is the best. Look at the cut. Sublime. Also really love the skirt and shoes. If it were me, with her legs and little waist, I’d have opted for the same instead of a fussy gown. Never hurts to shake it up. And if it’s one thing I’ve always consistently admired about Nicole Kidman, it’s that she’s willing to risk. Sometimes it doesn’t work but at least it’s seldom boring. Unlike Penelope who keeps wearing the same variation of the same dress in different colours. Stunted style growth, that’s what I call it.

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