Granny’s updates?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 16, 2014 17:32:10 June 16, 2014 17:32:10

Remember those photos of Nicole Kidman last week and, um, you couldn’t stop looking at her…and it wasn’t her face? Click here for a refresher.

Gran spent the weekend at the Shanghai International Film Festival and, well, same thing. Especially at the Grace Of Monaco press conference yesterday where she was wearing an exquisite black dress on high alert. I thought, you know, maybe I was just extra sensitive and attuned to the situation so I asked Jacek to take a look and his first reaction was, “Has she always been so titty? I don’t remember her being so titty”.

I don’t give a sh-t if she wants to be titty. But I do give a sh-t about why she wants to be titty. And whether or not that kind of wanting complements the other kind of wanting that freezes itself all over her face. Because I feel exhausted for her. I feel exhausted by her fear. And I hope for her that eventually she can stop being so afraid.

FameFlynet, ChinaFotoPress/ Feng Li/ Getty

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