Nicole Kidman is in New York today to promote Rabbit Hole. Gran just received a Spirit Award nomination for her performance, is sure to get one from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (they love her) for a Golden Globe, and is looking more and more likely to be listed for Best Actress at the Oscars. And conveniently her husband Keith Urban is also promoting his new album. The two were apparently on Oprah the other day and though I didn’t watch, I’m told it was all love and happiness, and all credit to Granny for saving his life.

Which makes her face extra sad. And both sides of her story so incongruous. Because if it was all so fulfilling, why the persistent arctic overhaul across her forehead? Look at her this morning. She expects you to believe that that is ALL natural...? Lisa Schwarzbaum appealed to us in her article about the Return of Nicole Kidman’s Face last week – click here if you missed those 2 pages of amazingness – to cease scrutinising Kidman’s eerily immobile visage because it had appeared for a while (at least to Schwarzbaum) that she wasn’t f-cking with it anymore.

Um, going by these photos, I’d say she’s still f-cking with it. I’d say she freshly f-cked with it. And I wonder if she knows the consequences. Thanks to Erin for sending this along this morning. It’s a news release from the University of Calgary after a study on Botox turned up some terrifying results.

“This study shows, for the first time, that over time botulinum toxin A use also results in muscle weakness, atrophy and loss of contractile tissue in non-injected muscles far-removed from the injection site.”

So you think you’re getting rid of some lines around your mouth, and suddenly you may no longer be able to clench your ass? ATROPHY??? If muscles that are nowhere near the injection site experience weakness, can you imagine how the muscles around the injection site are reacting?

And for someone to subject herself to this procedure so often, despite these frightening side effects, the message here, to me anyway, is that she finds the natural process of aging even more horrible than muscle degeneration. Nicole Kidman: getting old is worse than paralysis. Agree or disagree?

Photos from Jackson Lee/